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Trent version 1.5:

- Different small adjustments
- Pet dragon's Mystic Egg only has 1 rest now.
- Pet dragon's Lava only has 1 rest now, but same startprice as vanilla, 35 Rage, it was lowered in earlier Trents, but instead with no rest.
- Paladin skill 'Glory': Leadership 150-450-950 (was 100-350-700). Mind Runes 5-7-9 ( was 6-7-8 ).

Medals - u can see pictures of some of the changes in Post no. #2:
- 'Magician' (former 'Fire Mage' for the Mage): New spells for the medal; 'Flaming Arrow', 'Poison Skull', 'Call of Nature', 'Ice Snake' and 'Slow'.
- 'Iron Knight' (warrior): The spells needed are now: 'Haste', 'Precision', 'Battle Cry' and 'Awaken Dragon'.
- 'Holy Knight' (Paladin): The spells needed are now: 'Healing', 'Peacefulness', 'Bless' and 'Holy Light'.
- A larger amount of spells needed for each hero class for medal leveling.
- 'Grand Strategy', now called 'Pirate Slayer': No longer measures 'no loss', instead numbers of enemy pirates slain. Gives Leadership 100-250-500. This is to help player use other strategies than always using strong units for 'no loss'.
- 'Treasure Searcher': 3-6-9% experience (was 3-5-7 but more chests to find for reward than earlier Trent).

- Farmer Set bug fixed: Didnt give +1 Mana per round, fixed.

- Poison spit: Same damage as vanilla, but poison chance higher and duration 4,5,6. Mana 6-8-10.
- Stone Rain: Area 3-7-19. Mana 10-22-35 (was 30-35-45 vanilla)

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