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I will post our news about project from main community news, because, please, don't marvel at some things.

Another week has passed, but, unfortunately, we are not yet ready to provide you, as promised, with a small demo for two locations. We need some more time. This time, the changes affected not only the bugs, which, although much less (for all testing there were about 5-7 bugs, including some flaws or the like), but we made some changes in the balance, and therefore takes time. I hope that this week of testing will be the final for these two locations, because I already want to start working on the next location.

Also, we have two good news - our team was replenished with two people. These are Black Mag and dargndorp, from our discord (by the way, there is a link in the group's links, and therefore welcome! - music, communication in voice and text chat and sometimes even slipping spoilers!)
DarkMage joined at the request of one of our team members.
dargndorp is a new member from the English-speaking forum. And he came to translate, help with the translation of the game for the English-speaking community!
We wish them both good luck and patience.
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