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SW3.Expansion v0.7.0: Christmas Update RELEASED.

Im still not quite satisified with the update, but its atleast something Im able to bring out this year. I really recommend atleast testing this update for stability, because the underlying hacky stuff has proven to me again and again that it just loves memory access violations, so theres that.

This is the first release that requires, and uses a custom dll. What does this mean? It means the game's lua_State pointer now gets hooked by the dll. This is done via injection from a external exe. The DLL gets run on a "Attachment" event and from there, the custom code is run. If you don't trust my released binaries (you shouldn't) you can check the source code yourself in the link in the Technical section. Feel free to modify it to your own needs.

- Actual Stuff
- New mission discoverable in Charon

- Framework Stuff
- Almost complete rewrite of the Expansion framework
- Replacement of the ShipDescriptions.xml file with an XDF replacement variant.
- XDF: eXtracted Data File (xml data represented as lua data)
- PilotTeamManager System
- MemoryPatcher utility included with the injected DLL.
- GenFuncs
- CapturePoints
- TriggerUtil
- GroupUtil
- GlobalRand
- FuncUtil: Huge Functions Library added specifically for this lua version (4.0) and this game.
- DialogUtil: Small but handy Dialog library.
- TFF: Tiny Followers Framework
- Small utility Sound System (Based on bass.dll) (mostly for internal use with the injected DLL)
- Scripting Engine fixes.

IMPORTANT: This release is a EXPERIMENTAL one. This is the first release that will require xdelta. This means that you CANNOT have any kind of difference in the file-system of your game with the applied updates listed below.

Order matters. [Left: First, Right: Last] *RC18 is not supported, sorry.
Base Game, [FULL] Expansion Mod [], Expansion Mod []-RC9 to RC17


DLL + Injector:
As to why the update is an installer: I don't usually do them unless they make sense, but in this case: xDelta functionality had to be used in order for the filesize to be acceptable(?) at around 2gb.
The next update will be a zip based one again, promise. But this will also mean that a redownload will be required, so just a heads-up.

Final Note: Of course, this is not all I have yet to show you guys, but this will have to do for the moment. As I said, this was supposed to be a framework update + a small event update. I think this update fits that criteria nicely.
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