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Originally Posted by Windturbin View Post
Sure would like to get back into IL-2 1946,,,,I can't believe that all the WWII sims built since IL2-1946 suck so bad. Yea, graphic engines are better , but the sims are sooooo arcadish!!

Prepar3D is very good!!!! But not for combat. so re-installing IL2-1946 with patches and mods.

My biggest hurdle is with my peripherals....

I have 6 and IL2-1946 only excepts 4 still. So hunted down this old thread for Yadeli , but is not working anymore.

Trying to figure out how I can tell IL2 which peripheral (axis) I want to use. Some are more important than others. Do I have to disconnect some of them?

anyone shed some light?
This thread might help.
Page 3 gets interesting.,45118.0.html


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