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Originally Posted by RickRuski View Post
Hi Kraquin,

Just remember that my system is an SLI (twin graphics cards) so some settings will be different to yours. I also use EVGA Precision Tool to control my cards (this is available as a free download from the EVGA web site) and to limit my fps. This tool will also give you an on screen display and show how your card is performing.

I have uploaded a screen shot from "London Attack" single player mission, in the top RH corner you will see the EVGA Precision Tool read out showing the usage from both cards including temp. My cards are only 1gb each so are running near full memory but I still have good performance. The fps doesn't drop below about 28fps even with all the action.

Thanks. Didn't make too much difference. I think it may be that my card is more capable than my CPU and I have a bottleneck.
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