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Default Friday 2009-11-13 Screenshots AND Discussion Thread

Hello everyone,

Oleg is taking a much-needed vacation until next week. I'll do a short update for him this time. We'll focus on some of the lesser known planes that we model for Battle of Britain. All screenshots are from development tools. We're not going to do in-engine shots until Oleg is back.

Note: some features in the tools are approximations. There are no waves, wakes, simplified terrain, etc. This update is just to showcase our beautiful aircraft.

First off, here's the Fiat G.50 Freccia, which, as most of you should know by now, took part in the later part of the battle. It will be flyable:

And here's the Heinkel He 115B-2 floatplane. This plane is very rarely modeled in simulations, and never as accurately as ours. We used original manufacturing blueprints to build this model, so it's incredibly precise. This plane will be AI-only in the initial release.

Hope you guys enjoy you weekend! I will certainly enjoy mine.
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