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Regarding the weathering effects we can see at those beauties, are they the final and "worst" state of weathering ?

How can we imagine the process of wastage of the entrence area of the cockpit on the upper side of wings? I suppose those effects won't process by flight time such as the wing edges or propeller blades f.e.

A more specific question regarding the damage model I have. Perhaps not directly related to this friday update.
As we know, planes consist of different types of materials. With different characteristics (physically). Are such characteristic values in any kind considered in the damage calculation?
E.g. the heat resistance or strength durability due to forces which occur ?
This could be fire of the engine which heats metal or fabric materials till the load limit is reached and the part fails to work or certain areas get damaged.Or simple collisions on the ground with objects or runway bumps, something like that...

(I know that perhaps gets a bit into detail, but due to my studies I'm interested in those details. Me-262 fans would be a nice topic, but hey BoB is not Schwalbentime )
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