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Originally Posted by Tree_UK View Post
Hi Oleg, in some recent video we have seen footage of an aircraft flying over a city, unfortunately the buildings were suffering from the old 'building pop up' issue that Il2 also complained of. Is this because we saw a very early beta copy in use or is the Cliffs Of Dover game engine already showing its age?
You seem a fan of implication by question. Perhaps you need to retake logic 101 and learn how to phrase questions that are constructive and not objectionable.
Is it at all possible that maybe...just maybe, a question consisting of "why did the the buildings suffer from the old 'building pop up' issue that Il2 suffered from" might ilicit a response from the devs?
I think your chances of getting an answer are infinitely higher if you don't seem to be trying your very best to iritate people. Unless of course you don't want an answer, and your intention is entirely to iritate people.
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