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Originally Posted by Blackdog_kt View Post
That's what i've been bitching about all the while, excellent solution that keeps everybody happy
How can you agree with a direct contradiction? You can't both require Steam for online play AND have it be optional at the exact same time! The "Steam built-in multi-player browser" is what Steamworks is. It is the MP service that is causing all the contention of it's inclusion. You literally can't have it for MP while simultaneously not having it for MP.

Originally Posted by Blackdog_kt View Post
The current situation will be equally cumbersome both for non-users and fans of Steam: they are forcing the copy protection i'm more comfortable with on the steam users and vice versa, when we could have an option to choose during installation. I think battlefield bad company did it this way? Players were presented with a choice when installing, one time online activation or disc in the drive to run the game.
We don't know for sure that both the DD version and the box version will use the TAGES DRM. I can't weight in on the BC issue as I didn't get a box copy. I just know that I had to make a Punk Buster account, and that xxxx is whack since it seems for many people (myself included) it occasionally decides my valid copy isn't.

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