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Originally Posted by senseispcc View Post
No, there is nothing of the sort. Nearly nothing at all, no real briefing a little one line one, just enough. I play without path on the map so I do not know if there is a path to meet your ennemy. Because the weather of the game is far from great in this campaign it is a little to the poor side. I have even difficulties to know if I am the leader or a wingman?
Thanks for the feedback senseispcc. It's hard to be too specific in the briefings because the missions are generated randomly. You should be given a sector name in the briefing but, of course, there is always a chance that you won't see any enemy aircraft on a mission. If you have any ideas on how to improve the briefings, I'd love to hear them. Also, you will always be the leader of the flight. That may change in the future when the AI is improved.

Also, when you are supposed to escort bombers, they will always meet you over your airbase. Depending on which airbase you choose and which airbase they spawn at, it may take them a while to get there. They start in the air so hopefully it won't take them too long to get there.

Originally Posted by senseispcc
I tried the two first RAF missions still some strange things possible like beginning the campaign the 1 September 1939 with the Germans in France. But otherwise great fun very realistic.
The idea is that the player has the power to create a realistic campaign themselves. For example, if I wanted to fly for I./JG51, I would set the campaign from July to November 1940 and choose Saint-Inglevert as my airfield. It would be far too difficult for me to keep track of who was where on any given day in 1939, 1940, or 1941 and change the campaign accordingly. In other words, I've just passed all of the research duties onto the player.

Originally Posted by machoo
Is there a key to just skip time completely until something happens? In missions I just usually have the accelerate key down until in combat. it'd be nice to just press ALT-T and you have just jumped 20mins ahead
Unfortunately, that is not possible.

Here are some more features I didn't mention in the first post:
-Your aircraft ages progressively with time.
-At the "battleSuccess" page, the "Refly" button has been replaced with a "Save" button. This will save the mission you just flew so you can replay it at a later date if you wish.
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