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Great job man. It a big change, and a lott of work to make all this in game
I like your idea for spell moding, and partial skill bonuses for units (like in AP neatness give bonus only for mechanic and no other unit , bad idea developers ). Now demons dont have any bonus in all skill from any hero class, elves almost the same no bonuses ecsept quick draw for archers.
I mainly play CW now, but check forum for other KB games and find jewel from time to time, like your mod. I would like to check it if possible to see how you changed hero skill files and spells to try to transfer it to AP/CW.
Couple questions : why not edit all spirit skills (not massive changes, but just to add something new)?
did you add/change any items here ? , and how did you add stats bonus to some spells (like phoenix summon from skill) ?
If i earn any gold from moding i make for AP/CW, i`ll send you % from it
W8ing for your mod to see what else you managed (
Keep up with great ideas man

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