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Smile You're reading my mind!

Thanks! It has been a lot of work, but very rewarding at the same time!

You're reading my mind about AP/CW. The idea was to release the mod on The Legend first, since I think it is superior to AP/CW in the spirit area (but AP/CW superior in other areas) and then translate the mod to AP/CW.

The mod will be called Tomes of Heroes of Might and Magic 3 and instead of the HOMM3 heroes being babies, they'll be tomes (or books) that you can equip on your hero. The same system will be used to update those expansion packs eventually, but it takes time!

As far as the spirit abilities are concerned, I love the spirit abilities in The Legend, but this is where I think the developers failed in AP/CW as all the pet dragons have the same abilities. Once again, you're reading my mind, but the idea would be to look at the AP/CW spirit abilities and then take the 9 individual abilities and have 3-6 be common between the similar pet dragons and then add many new abilities to give that pet dragon a personality - just like I feel the spirits in The Legend have. I'm not even sure if it's doable, but that was one of my ideas.

As far as items are concerned, the new HOMM3 babies count as items (163 new babies + 2 new wives), but I did not add any new items since I felt that it had already been done with the Gift Bag and AP/CW.

Give me a bit of time (should be done today) to put together a little README.TXT file for my mod and then I'll email it to you so that you can check it out. I think you'll really enjoy the challenge of playing - especially the limitations to Mana / Rage gain and the new impossible difficulty bonuses! Also I have no problem if you want to implement anything I've done in AP/CW (or even TL for that matter) - just give me credit. I'll eventually get to transferring this mod to AP/CW, but that is still quite a bit on the horizon right now!

Originally Posted by Fatt_Shade View Post
Great job man. It a big change, and a lott of work to make all this in game
I like your idea for spell moding, and partial skill bonuses for units (like in AP neatness give bonus only for mechanic and no other unit , bad idea developers ). Now demons dont have any bonus in all skill from any hero class, elves almost the same no bonuses ecsept quick draw for archers.
I mainly play CW now, but check forum for other KB games and find jewel from time to time, like your mod. I would like to check it if possible to see how you changed hero skill files and spells to try to transfer it to AP/CW.
Couple questions : why not edit all spirit skills (not massive changes, but just to add something new)?
did you add/change any items here ? , and how did you add stats bonus to some spells (like phoenix summon from skill) ?
If i earn any gold from moding i make for AP/CW, i`ll send you % from it
W8ing for your mod to see what else you managed (
Keep up with great ideas man
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