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Wow, fantastic work, Matt! These are some great ideas to spice things up, and hopefully increase the challenge. I haven't played HOMM3, so I'm unfamiliar with that portion, but I can't say I disagree with any of the changes I could see in the YouTube video. The wives, childrens, and Phoenix summons were in desperate need of revision.

I'm definitely going give your mod a try--I'm currently in the middle of my self-modded all Dwarf game--and will let you know when I get to it. This sounds like it will add a lot of replay to KBtL.

(Unfortunately, I can't read the in-game screens on the YouTube video due to my monitor's limitations, so I can't comment on them yet, but will check it out again on a different monitor.)

EDIT: OK, I've seen the trailer on a different monitor now. It sounds very interesting, and will definitely make the game a serious challenge with enemy heroes regaining mana, for instance. How did you come up with the numbers for the changes you made, for example: the huge increase in mana cost for the Helplessness spell? And have you done much checking for game balance, yet?

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