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Default Critical Update V2012-04-08

I'm now able to mod during the weekday nights again as well as to continue playtesting my mod as I also work on the development of my mod for AP and CW. I'm currently playing a new mage game.

I've just discovered a critical bug that is fixed with this update that involves children that use the "scouting" templates. There's only a handful of babies affected, but if you are playing the game and cursor over one of these babies after your wife has them, the game will lockup.

So please download this update, the files affected and the babies under each wife that are affected are listed below.

Here is the change list:

Version: Beta 2012-04-08
  • mod_homm3_babies.kfs
      • The "scouting" skill template was named incorrectly.
      • This could cause the game to lockup when cursoring over a baby that used this template.
      • The following babies were affected:
        • Feanora
          • Broghild
        • Gerda
          • Lorelei
        • Diana
          • Piquedram
          • Shiva
        • Neoka
          • Aeris
        • Xeona
          • Calh
          • Fiona
          • Deemer
Once again I've removed the previous link and thanks for your patience if you've experienced this bug and have been awaiting an update.

The download link is either in the first or last post.

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