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Default Critical Update V2012-06-12

Hope everyone is having a great summer!

This update provides many updates, but primarily fixes the locking up problem with "Armorer" babies that had the wrong template name. This issue has been fixed.

The full update list is provided below, but here are some notable changes / additions:
  • Royal Thorn now has the Entangle Ability
  • Ancient Ent now uses Greater Entangle
  • The Entangle ability now also halves the affected unit's initiative and no longer affects soaring units (i.e. Dryads, Dragonflies, Ghosts, etc.)
  • Your starting hero's army and spell list are randomly generated from a list that is specified in HERO.TXT
  • When your hero loses in combat, the army he gets is randomly generated and the number of units is selected from either the hero's current leadership or a leadership limit, whichever is smaller
  • The Paladin and Warrior have had their starting leadership and leadership upgrades swapped so that the Paladin how will be able to lead the largest army. I'm pretty sure this will just affect your subsequent leadership levelups and so you should still be able to continue your game without issue.
  • Babies that are Planewalkers, have the Scouting ability, or the Navigation ability have had their stats updated
  • Fixed issue with the Spell Healing when it was used on the Undead it was doing more damage than specified
We're at the point where this mod is starting to become more mature and we can start working on isolating and finding inconsistencies (like the last item listed above).

I'm continuing to play my Mage game, but he's only at level 10, which shows you how much I've played King's Bounty since the last update.

I'm pretty much done with my home remodeling and so expect to be able to work more on this as well as the AP / CW port in the next few months.

The mod version now appears on the opening screen after the King's Bounty version number: H3B: BYYYY-MM-DD. Where: B stands for beta, YYYY is the release year, MM the month, and DD the day. This way you can determine exactly which version you are playing and check this post for whether you have the latest version or not.

The link to the new download is provided below and once again the previous link has been removed - thanks for playing and trying my mod. I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed creating it!

Here's the change list (lots of changes):

Version: Beta 2012-06-12
  • mod_homm3_babies.kfs
    • *.ATOM
      • ENT.ATOM - added level=4 to custom parameters for its post-entangle effect
      • ENT2.ATOM
        • Added level=5 to custom parameters for its post-entangle effect
        • Increased chance of entangle to 75%
      • KINGTHORN.ATOM - added new Entangle ability
      • Updated "Planeswalker" baby templates
      • Added new colors for combat log skill bonuses at the start of the round
      • Changed "Armor" template to "Armorer" so that is is now consistent with all other skill names matching their templates as well as now prevents the game from locking up if you move your mouse cursor over one of these babies - thanks to @Zepdog for this one!
    • *.LUA
      • ARENA.LUA
        • Added capability for AI to use new Royal Thorn Entangle ability
        • Frenzy now increases the hero rage every round during combat (similar to Concentration for mana)
        • Each class now has a base mana and / or rage gain per round bonus
        • New logs for skill round bonuses
        • Fixed issues with "Planeswalker" babies elemental skill generator text
        • Finally discovered how to get a unit's level outside of combat (i.e. use Logic.cp_level) instead of having it hard coded.
        • The starting and rebirth hero army is now randomly generated from a possible list in HERO.TXT
        • The starting spells and scrolls are now randomly generated from a possible list in HERO.TXT
      • SKILLS.LUA - added new function for showing the combat rounds that the mana (Concentration) and rage (Frenzy) regeneration occur over
      • SPELLS.LUA - fixed bug where the Spell Healing damage to the Undead used the wrong bonus system
      • SPELL_EFFECTS.LUA - updated Entangle so that it also halves a unit's initiative
      • SPELLS_COMMON.LUA - added new unit selector for Royal Thorn Entangle ability
      • UNIT_FEATURES.LUA - updated Entangle ability not to apply to floating (soaring) units
    • *.TXT
        • Updated "Planeswalker" babies:
          • Kalt (Ice Elemental) bonus is now Physical & Poison Damage / Resistance
          • Lacus (Water Elemental) bonus is now Poison Damage / Resistance
        • Updated "Scouting" babies:
          • Piquedram's Scouting bonus is now +Rage% and +Slower% Rage Drain on Map
          • Shiva's Scouting bonus is now +Rage Inflow% and +Rage per Round
      • EFFECTS.TXT - updated Entangle ability to exclude plants as potential targets
        • Updated "Scouting" babies:
          • Broghild's Scouting bonus is now +Rage% and +Slower% Rage
            Drain on Map
        • Voy "Navigation" baby - added Poison Resistance
        • Updated "Planeswalker" babies:
          • Thunar (Earth Elemental) bonus is now Physical Damage / Resistance
        • Updated "Scouting" babies:
          • Lorelei's Scouting bonus is now +Rage% and +Slower% Rage Drain on Map
      • HERO.TXT
        • Paladin's and Warrior's starting leadership and level-up values have been swapped such that the Paladin now leads the most troops - thanks to @Fatt_Shade for this request!
        • Now have a random army generation list for both starting and rebirthing (after they lose a combat)
        • Now have the cabability to randomly generate spells and scrolls based on percentages you can specify
        • Starting scroll limits updated
      • LOGIC.TXT - added new parameter for the max leadership to randomly select units when your hero loses in combat
        • Leadership babies restored to previous values (i.e. Leadership Morale +1, minus one level to other skill):
          • Edric
          • Orrin
          • Sylvia
          • Haart
          • Valeska
          • Christian
          • Sorsha
          • Tyris
        • Sylvia, "Navigation" baby - added poison resistance
        • Updated "Planeswalker" babies
          • Monere (Magic Elemental) bonus is now Magic Damage / Resistance
          • Pasis (Psychic Elemental) bonus is now Magic & Poison Damage / Resistance
        • Updated "Scouting" babies:
          • Aeris's Scouting bonus is now +Rage% and +Slower% Rage Drain on Map
        • Updated "Planeswalker" babies
          • Erdamon (Magma Elemental) bonus is now Physical & Fire Damage / Resistance
      • RINA_BABIES.TXT - added missing Necro Call bonus to Thant (thanks again to @Fatt_Shade!)
      • SKILLS.TXT - Frenzy now adds rage per round
      • SPECIAL_PARAMS.TXT - added new rage gain per round item bonus
        • Updated "Planeswalker" babies:
          • Fiur (Energy Elemental) bonus is now Magic & Fire Damage / Resistance
          • Ignissa (Fire Elemental) bonus is now Fire Damage / Resistance
        • Updated "Scouting" babies:
          • Calh's Scouting bonus is now +Rage% and +Slower% Rage Drain on Map
          • Fiona's Scouting bonus is now +Rage%, +Slower% Rage Drain on Map, +Rage Inflow%, and +Rage per Round (she has Scouting Level 2)
          • Deemer's Scouting bonus is now +Rage%, +Rage Inflow%, and +Rage per Round (level 2) (he has Scouting Level 2)
  • mod_homm3_babies_en(g)_lng.kfs
    • EN(G)_BATTLE.LNG - new log templates for combat abilities at the start of the round
    • EN(G)_HOMM3_BABIES_XXX.LNG (where XXX is for each wife)
      • Updated "Planeswalker" baby generator if this wife had one of these babies
      • Updated "Armorer" baby generator to match the word (rather than just armor) so that it is consistent with all other generator names
      • Updated "Scouting" baby templates
      • Updated "Navigation" baby templates (Voy & Sylvia)
      • Updated Mirabella's "Leadership" baby templates
      • Fixed lower case names in Xeona's baby file: Deemer, Malekith
    • EN(G)_SPELLS.LNG - updated Entangle description
      • Updated Entangle description
      • Added "Greater Entangle" for Ancient Ent's entangle ability (affects unit levels 1-5 with a 75% chance)
    • EN(G)_UNITS_SPECIALS.LNG - updated Entangle description
      • Each class now has a base mana and / or rage generation rate
      • Mod version now appears to the right of the King's Bounty version
    • EN(G)_WIVES.LNG - added new generator label
  • mod_homm3_portraits.kfs
    • TEX334.DAT - updated to include new ability small pictures (i.e. Royal Thorn Entangle)
    • TEX335.DAT - updated to include new ability pictures (i.e. Royal Thorn Entangle)
    • TEX334.DDS - updated to include new ability small pictures (i.e. Royal Thorn Entangle)
    • TEX335.DDS - updated to include new ability pictures (i.e. Royal Thorn Entangle)

Okay - that's it! If you have any issues with this mod version, please let me know.


The download link is either in the first or last post.

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