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Spirits :
- nice idea to make rest/lvlup change. It was hard to use spirits early when you have only 1 skill and rest like 4 turns
- Lina ice thorns is from WotN, also nice touch. At least now she have some bonus for exp, not like before when you needed 100 battles to get her to lvlup.

Units :
- nice racial bonuses for dwarf/elf ... why would only demon/undead have area bonuses.
- maybe give undead +25% on cemetery, because moral gives +stats for att,def,crit%. How about +25% for att/def , instead +50%def ?

Hero :
- bonus for every 7 points in att/def it`s great you implemented this here. Intellect had to much bonuses compared to att/def before.
- spell_dispel , who would figure this out if crashes started
- why limit lds reduction ? i loved my 28 lds griffins (Eddric , glory , griffin banner)

Spells/specials :
- it`ll take some testing to see will it work all

Wives :
- great for Orcelin, and including shamans.

Will this changes go into Ap/Cw version also ?
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