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Originally Posted by KG26_Alpha View Post

Perfect drop with a direct hit on the target using the @ 60kph speed difference as indicated on the bombsite table above.
No Alpha, you clearly missed. You released the bombs when the bombsight was over the nearest plane, but the bomb hit the ground and destroyed the middle/farthest planes on the airfield. The nearest two planes remained intact.

Perhaps it's because you didn't input the correct TAS: you put in 330km/h, but the TAS at the time of your drop according to the wonder woman view on your track was 345km/h.

Your track is inconclusive.

I made my own tracks of a similar target in Crimea. The target is about 20m above sea level, I'm always aiming for the nearest (easternmost) plane, and I always used the TAS according to wonder woman.

My first run was in a Pe-2 with 2x500 bombs. I had the speed, altitude, and angle pretty much perfect, yet the bombs dropped long, the first plane was not damaged.

My second run was also in a Pe-2 this time with 2x500 bombs. Again everything was as close to perfect as I could get it, and this time the bombs were almost on target. Just a bit long, but still close enough to destroy that first plane.

My third run was in an IL4 with one 500kg bomb. It's steadier than the Pe-2 so I think my altitude and speed were closer to perfect than in the first two runs, but the bomb went way, way, waaaaayyy long. I didn't even hit the rectangular tarmac. In fact, I think the tarmac could have been twice as long, and the bomb would still have missed it. Check for yourselves:
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