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Originally Posted by KG26_Alpha View Post

I missed ?

I hit where I aimed

Its simple 270kph ias @ 3900m = TAS 330kph whats wonder woman TAS got to do with anything just use the bombsite table settings and it works

The bombs dropped in the center of the target that's the way I use the sight and have for years the TAS is correct that's why I hit the middle of the target.

The point of aim is between the 0 and 5 indicator 2.5 being the target center.
Those charts don't take temperature into account, so on a very cold map like Moscow they won't show the right TAS. Wonder-woman view shows the correct TAS.

Since when is 2.5 target center?

Try your technique with a 2x250 FAB load, or a 1x500 FAB in an IL4, or 2x500 FAB in a Pe-2 on the Moscow winter map.
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