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Ah the forums are back at last. I tried a few times and they were down like a month ago.
Not really liking the new game so far. It did away with the units system (now every unit is just 1 unit, not a stack of units), dialed back the colorful fantasy elements, and the units revealed so far are almost all just boring variation of human fighter and archer. No magic so far either. The graphics are OK but boring grey/brown realistic medieval... not the Heroes of Might and Magic 1-2-3-4 look that King's Bounty expanded upon.
And who the heck ever wanted a Dragon Age style NPC discussion system from King's Bounty? The bread and butter of the game was always tactical combat. If I wanted to play an RPG I'd play an RPG. A TBS just needs a storyline with a few dialogue trees every now and then...

All in all this looks more like a sequel to Blackguards than KB.

Originally Posted by ApaxHoqpuJL View Post
We should remember that the old Katauri team is long gone, and I doubt that any of the original creators are working on the new game.
1C aren't the most trustworthy company either, just remember what flops WotN and Dark Side were. Those games were mostly just milking the original engine, and felt more like an amateur mod for Legend/AP, than an actual game in the series.
Don't get me wrong, I still enjoyed playing them, but they were nowhere near the quality of the original games.

I'd recommend setting expectations rather low, if at all.
Yes, I gave up during WotN. I never finished that game or the next one - the bugs, the unbalanced new units, the terrible map planning... it was like they restarted the game from scratch using the existing assets, and remaking all the mistakes that were fixed the last two times... My understanding was the original programmers and designers were sent over to Royal Quest. Why could they not get them back?
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