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Default Brigade E5 (some background & direction?)

It feels kind of weird for me to make a post like this because usually I can find pretty much what I need online be it a game patch or what have you. But I must confess I feel like i'm hitting a wall when it comes to any data regarding Brigade E5. This is to say minus the handful of sites that have the console cheats. When I first started reading on some of the forums it seemed like this game (and the whole Jagged Alliance series) has a full and complete support network. But I have yet to find it, in fact the only thing I have been able to find was some kind of 3'rd party "mini patch" for the game itself. and while it offered to fix a decent list of properties it switched the language of the game to Russian.

So is there any support files or networks out there for this game, such as game patches and files? As original and inspiring as the initial idea of this game is I truly hope it was able to get off the ground (I understand that a good idea isn't always a sure win but i'm hoping so in this case)

Thank you for your time in reading this, even if the game is all thats available I still appreciate you putting the effort into building it

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