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Default Out of memory leaks on 64 bit systems fix

Must admit I am jolly well enjoying this game, as well as real warfare.. other developers had better watch out, especially when real warfare 2 comes along next year...
Any way... I hear people have various problems with memory leaks on 64 bit systems.. had the same problem on one of the total war games... and here is a similar fix that works.. Ive tried it and can confirm it works on my system .. Windows 7 64 bit.
I stumbled on this purely by accident, so I joined the forums to let you chaps know of it.
Hope it might work for you chaps...Its very simple

For some reason, the game is coded in a way where it can only accept a maximum of 2Gb, although ironically it works just fine on a 32bits installation! The game suffers from memory leaks on a 64bits installation, which in turn causes the memory load to reach around 3.5GB! In order to fix this simple issue, follow these simple can also download a 32 bit version from the site as well.

1 - Download CFF Explorer (
2 - Run CFF Explorer
3 - Click File -> Open
4 - Search for engine.exe in X:\Program Files\1C Company\Real Warfare 1242
Replace X:\ by the letter in which your game is currently installed in
5 - Once found, go to Nt Headers -> File Header
6 - You will now get the file headers of engine.exe. In there, search for 'Characteristics' (at the bottom) and click where it says 'Click here'
7 - A new window will pop up and all you have to do is make sure that "App can handle >2gb address space is CHECKED
8 - Apply the changes, then go to File -> Save
9 - Enjoy the game in 64bits!

Good luck

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