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Originally Posted by ApaxHoqpuJL View Post
We should remember that the old Katauri team is long gone, and I doubt that any of the original creators are working on the new game.
1C aren't the most trustworthy company either, just remember what flops WotN and Dark Side were. Those games were mostly just milking the original engine, and felt more like an amateur mod for Legend/AP, than an actual game in the series.
Don't get me wrong, I still enjoyed playing them, but they were nowhere near the quality of the original games.

I'd recommend setting expectations rather low, if at all.
I myself have enjoyed WotN (with Ice & Fire, ofc) because it's the longest KB game and has tens of new units and races. The music was also top notch and so were the locations. It was good in my opinion and is mostly worthy of being together with the first two (tons of new stuff, new spell school and spells, etc.). But the Dark Side... It has units and some new stuff (however, not as nice as in WotN), but the game was damn imba and the story was just like "since you're so worthy, we already won!" kinda thing, where after that you just carry on some "repetitive" actions in no exact order (I usually looted all maps at level 3 because the charts were easy to obtain through tricks). Let's not forget, bugs (which mostly don't exist in WotN as of now) and -100% leadership Red Dragons (other units too, but it's enough to use a wanderer spell and you literally have 1488694392+ R Dragons) and 200+ Dragon Riders (there's an easter egg to get unlimited princesses, btw).

Actually, this is not the same team that made the last two KBs. This is a new one, that made only one game before, if I remember right. Some russian game called II Sturmovik 2 or something like that.

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