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Well, it's been a few months.

i fought with that last Computer for most of that time. i found when i took a shaving brush, (the one they use to brush the shavings off your neck), to the Processor, not a lot of dust came out, but game ran smooth.

And continued to for a few months. then it started again. So I took the brush to the Processor again, and things smoothed out.

The third time was not so smooth, the computer wold not turn back on, and power supply was indicating a short somewhere, so itook every thing apart, and ended up needing a new computer. lol :c)

New comp is much better, no problems from day one, and Il-2 Runs smooth. It did reveal that the last one was shot, it whined like a Merlin all the time, which I ignored, and buddy obviously sold it just before it died.

So all is well with Music and Il-2.

If you are having problems, find a proper way to clean the processor, and hopefully that will work.

Happy New Year! Pilots
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