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So... Like I lately told UsaTrucker -> rnr gains on second approach. I took a few month break from the game an now playing it again. And I can't imagine playing anything else the things which I love: Open world with many interesting places to visit, nice graphics and HDR making the game look "deep", lot of very good modeled trucks, cabin shake effect, lot of truck customization options and economy with creating and managing the company. Things which definitely should be imProved~> AI speed (raise it!), behavior of trailers (they shouldn't follow the truck the same way it goes, they don't behave like real trailers, real trailer is heavy and hard to manage on tight turns, I can't see it here), remove or increase time limits for people who like to cruise with a trailer attached and still get paid for this, implement optional speeding tickets and finally I hated the story mode and had to stop playing it but it's not a flaw to me cause I can play sandbox whenever I want to all in all it's a B+ game with a lot of potential. I would say - if 18 wos made u puke because of terrible graphics and truck behavior, take RNR. This is a good game indeed.
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