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Very very nice mod.

Adds, well, life to the universe.
Makes the 'Civil War' more real.
Add the occasional challenge early on, and a good source of exp/income (and the occasional inconvenient ambush :p) later on.

Eventually I'll post a recent savegame for others to enjoy.
This is the scenario:

Engineer hero. Hard mode.
In the Achilles system.
Just got Ternie, bought Ace, got the mastiff.
Broke, as I hadn't realised that Hard reduces item sale-value.
A Gen4 Pirate convoy had arrived. (1 Walrus, 6 4-5 sized wings.)

Tried taking it on a few times, got slaughtered.
Head for portal, have a Gen2 Trader convoy warp in.
Hmm. I wonder.
As I'm about to try 'recruiting' their help against the pirates, a gen2/3(?) 4wing NESF patrol warps in.
Let's do this!

Took ~40 minutes in total (with reloading), but was great fun.

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