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You got 70 inquisitors at furious paladin shop nice ( i never found more then 20 there).
As unit inquisitors are not so useful in dmging as in supporting/resurrecting other units in you`re army so keep them in full stack all time (other way to lead only 1 is at some special strategies. 1 inqusitor, 1 archmage, 1 marauder and full lds available green+red dragons for example. use dragons for fighting and heal them when needed, and resurrect with inquisitor, them gift and revive again 1by1, magic shield with archmage, marauders just for going around to dig up gold-gift spell on them also, etc . . . there is other possible choices I just mentioned 1, you think about others).
As for spending bunch of runes on order/distortion magic think what spells you use most, and how high intellect you have to effect dmg from those spells ( investing much runes in magic is best for mage class with higher magic and double casting, paladin have to be weaker and mostly related for supporting spells).
All in all, upgrade inquisition skill when available inquisitors are 60-70% of you`re leadership count (when you can lead 100, and have only 60-70 at disposal).
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