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Originally Posted by Elwin View Post
INquisitiors are quite limited in Legend, you are lucky u have 70, some poeple dont get any or like 10
Oh wow, I guess I didn't know I had it so good. In another (aborted) game, Inquisitors were available at two places, though I don't recall the numbers.

I had been feeling like I'd gotten pretty unlucky in my recruit-able armies so far, but maybe not. Everything had seemed pretty basic except for 4 Royal Thorns (which have since been the beneficiaries of Sacrifice so I have 8 now) and 7 Polar Bears (my main tank early on along with Royal Snakes, though a very slow one). Royal Snakes have been plentiful, though from what I understand they're guaranteed to exist at least one place. After I helped the Arlania guy (and got Faenora), he had about 800 Fire Spiders, which replaced my regular snakes as a resurrect-able unit, with synergies with Frog Faenora and Jade Belt. It's nice having a 7-initiative unit still in Darion!
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