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Originally Posted by wheelsup_cavu View Post
The unsplit version is activated at M4T now. One thing I did do with my version was to clean up the netmessages so there weren't any nonsensical statements. The one particular message that always drove me up the wall was the "beed killed" message. This change only affects the server messages. If you want to see the same messages while flying you would need to copy the file from the server i18n folder to the i18n folder you are using when you fly.

Dedicated Server 4.12.2m - Complete (No Split files)"
This file is on MediaFire for those who can't or won't use a torrent.

Cool Thanks
Downloaded and extradition went well
One thing I would do is Zip it in a folder for ease of use(I had to create a folder for the extraction)
Test your Zip with XP only at this time Also Installed HSFX and set up an fbdj server program for it
Works perfectly Ill leave it running for this next cycle before I do maintenance on the server
Nice Job Wheels Up Cav
Thank you for this Fine addition to the IL 2 Downloads


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