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With the exception of some negative points, with the installer 4.14 (which were fixed in 4.14.1 and in the reassembly of 4.14) and some other minor changes, 4.14.1 is still the same default Il2 1946 ... for myself, I can not notice the difference with previous versions...

yes ofcourse still need fix some issue... and i want 4.14.2 asap... but unfortunately at current moment of time it's not depend from me ..

ofcourse that process is never stops ... i mean we still have a lot things to do... a lot of wishes ... and some of it already in progress now ... it can be not fast ... because we are not getting younger and real life dictates its own conditions ... but work is not over ... for example i still want see in il2 sly a lot of planes ..
at current moment we have quite voluminous reserve of content which made and waits import and addition in game
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