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Version 2.1 is up, and the OP has been updated. I'm sorry it's taken so long to release it, but there's an excellent reason for this - I would have released it a couple months prior, but when I was playtesting the mission on Saboteur, I discovered mysterious error messages popping up in the console after a while. It also caused the game to freeze every time I try to quit, causing me to Ctrl+Alt+Delete the application. Further investigating both in the console and the dts3.log file, the error messages are triggered after loading up the mission's LUA file - quickloading the mission a few times triggers the bug. Because I added new accident scenarios in v2.1, it has now occurred to me that I've exceeded the limits of my ambitions. So I had no choice but to cut some stuff - fortunately, all I had to cut was the accident scenarios outside the base rather than inside, and no errors popped up after that.

So, moral of the story - don't let your mission's LUA go over 222kb.

The next version is going to be v2.5, and I'm going to expand the map boundaries a little bit and further flesh out the empty space. Now that I've discovered that LUAs have a filesize limitation, I may have some problems when creating v3.0, in which I plan to add more mission objectives. But that's way into the future.

I should now focus on getting Would You Kindly and that other Fan Mission I recently started based on the cut Kovalev sections of Check and Mate finished before I focus on Mystery Foes again.
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