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It gets old, this continual whining.

Guess what, the game is a simulation, which is scaled to use computers of different power, with their game settings at various levels of detail. With less powerful computers, the requirement is to set distance draw nearer, just like every other sim out there. Unlike FPS's which have artificial 'fog' laid in to obscure landscape at as little as 300 meters distance, this is a flight sim, and requires the distance at which we can see to be extended WAY out, to 50 km or even further. To expect a home computer to be able to draw in detail, every single object at 50 km distance is ridiculous. So there will be some degree of 'popup' even in the most powerful computer. With computers of lesser power, the distance at which we see 'popup' occurring decreases, and it becomes more obvious, since the distance models are larger. The promotional videos we are seeing are from computers of average power.

If you don't want 'popup', then get the most powerful computer you can find. If you don't want to spend the money, then accept the limitations of your computer.

Get your head around that, and get it out of where its stuck, and you'll enjoy this game more.

The good news is, as computers catch up with what this game engine is capable of, 'popup' will become less and less noticeable.

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