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First off, I want to say thank you to 1c for making this game. Its the best to date simulation 4x4 game. Is there room for improvement yes, but its always easy to complain about this and that. I don't make video games so I have no idea how hard it would be to make a editor and free roam but I know a lot of other games have the free roam. But the guys at 1c might have worked there asses off to get it where it is. It's a smaller company so they most likely have less money to invest. We should be nice to 1c for being a voice in this niche style game. I honestly think they made a big mistake not putting it on the xbox 360. Make a downloadable game version from xbox live to save on money if that was a concern. I saw footage from 2010 at a game convention with off road drive on the xbox 360 so it would be nice if 1c would elaborate why the change of heart. Off road drive is a great game and I love the style game play where you play the same way as if you were on the trail. But 1c please don't give up and not further the progress to make a more dynamic free roam wheeling experience for us hardcore off road enthusiast in the future because were counting on you to deliver the goods. One thing is true....the people who love wheeling will spend the money so if that means selling the game for 69.99 instead of 30.00 and getting free roam maps and a kick ass gaming experience please do so! Cheers
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