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Originally Posted by Hellman View Post
OMG, I'm going to have to spend £470 on a card to play COD???

There is no way that a game like this, where they are quoting that a minimum spec would be a GT250, should require a 3gb card to run smoothly.

I have been an avid follower of this games progress in development for over 7yrs.

I've been an IL2 addict for the last 4yrs, and on an off since 2002.

This is becoming ridiculous now don't you think?

I appreciate that your comment is only good advice, but it's kinda obvious that a space shuttle will go quicker that a jet. The problem is, not many people can afford a space shuttle.

I bought a new rig 18mths ago in preparation for this game alone. 1gb Asus motherboard, 2.87gb quad core, 2 Radeon HD4870 2gb dual cores, 8gb ddr3 ram, 300gb 10,000rpm hd, and another 1tb of space for good measure. Nearly £2000 of rig. And I can't run a flight sim?????????

Somebody pick me up off the floor.
Try playing with a realistic resolution like 1280X740ish

Why does everyone think that every game is going to run at ultra high resolutions....IF most here would run at more realistic resolution levels they could almost double there fps its not that hard to figure out. Im starting to think some of you guys aren't that bright.
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