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Originally Posted by Formula88 View Post
Cry me a river...The point is that other things are more important. I live in Southern California so yes, occasionally you see sunrises and sunsets like this. This isnt FSX with the REX add-on, you cant have dynamic skies for different looks all the time. No matter what not everyone will be happy with a given look and personally I could give a shit less what the sky looks like until the other huge technical issues are sorted. This little niggling detail you bring up can probably be fixed in 2 minutes by the devs, if they care to bother with it. Give me pink, purple, bright ass green skies for all I care, but fixing the AA, Crossfire and sound issues for many people should be first priority. After that give us more content, and perhaps when all this is done then you can have your "perfect" skies back, maybe.
it wasn't broken before... there was no need to alter/ fix/ change it
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