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Originally Posted by WhistlinggDeath View Post
I believe you are USN_Sawyer correct ? If so, I have met you and you can indeed fly the corsair close to its operational limits (and the people I say this of, number about five to seven). I know that Hombre is USN_Hombre, so are you, USN_Sawyer ?
Correct, USN_Saw actually. I'm OPS officer at USN squad.

Thanks for the support!

I'm not too concerned with the top speed (it actually seems pretty close) or the turning really. Those can be re-learned by practice.

It's simply getting off the carrier that bothers me.

Thankfully, they said they would fix it and our squad awaits anxiously for the next patch.

(Your name is very familiar but I can't place you. Where have we met??)
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