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Originally Posted by Digitalos View Post
Aaaaah ok. No I've not played HOMM, although if it's like this I will consider picking it up.
Well you can get a copy of Limited Edition of HOMM5 for about $20 in the USA from major Ebay sellers or, etc which includes HOMM5 + HOMM 4 base edition + HOMM 3 base edition which is great value.

You can also for about $15-20 buy HOMM 3 + 4 Complete Edition on DVD which includes base + all expansions for HOMM3 & 4 which is compatible with Win XP and possibly Vista.

HOMM3 is considered the best of the HOMM series and I'd back that statement up. What HOMM1 & 2 did, HOMM3 only made better. HOMM4 is different and while I think it is still a solid game in its own right it tried to change certain aspects of the game, but for that reason some think it's the least good of the HOMM games. I don't have much experience with HOMM 5, it resembles Etherlords II which Nival made prior to HOMM 5 in terms of interface and some of the graphic style, (not gameplay).
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