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Default I totaly agree

HoM&M 2 was amazing game. I have spent countless hours playing it.

When HoM&M3 came out I couldn't belive - it was even better! The graphic was better, the game mechanics got better - it was so cool! Till today I find this title as best of the whole series (and if you look at how many maps and scenarios people released to this game you will see that I'm not the only one who thinks this way)

HoM&M 4 - to be honest I didn't even go past the demo. It was terrible. They have changed so many things and what's worse nothing was left from the beautiful graphics of part 3 playability was terrible, the game looked like release from people who didn't even play part 3, only read the review.

HoM&M 5 - they have fixed the graphics, got better in terms of playability, but they have lost this "something". There was no more joy of playing. Scenarios were boring and the campagin terrible. It was nice looking game, but not worth the time if you have played HoM&M 3.

That's why I love KB:L so much it has cute graphics, fun and long storyline and playability better than HoM&M 3!
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