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Concerning alchemy: Having played the game on normal as a mage, I would say alchemy is very useful if you are playing for the first time, as there are a lot more spells which can be really useful than you might think judging from the first playing experiences (where direct damage spells are usually your best choice). I ended up using spells like teleport, helplessness (-60% defence can be devastating on lvl5 creatures of enemy heroes), magic spring, stone skin, phantom and others I don't remember right now. If you want to have a wide variety of spells and be able to try out different tactics for yourself, go for alchemy. It's not like you won't have enough magic runes to max out your other desired magic skills anyway. If you are powergaming, or don't plan to learn and try out many spells, alchemy will be useless.
[Note: At first, I did not consider alchemy to be that useful because I had a heap of crystals and just a few spells which seemed worthwile - however, in midgame I found more and more potentially useful spells and crystals came in at a lower rate. Your supply vanishes rapidly when upgrading spells like hypnosis, resurrection, demon portal or similar.]

@milo: 10k damage sure sounds nice - I assume you had a pretty high intelligence (plus that fire amulet and the dragon cloak, probably)?
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