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Originally Posted by Melkor View Post
Well to start off....
1.- As your truck gets older it takes on more problems...such as steering gets messed up, brakes get worn out and other things
2.-How you can pick up a job in a bar, or out on the road ^_^
3.- Story mode is awesome....and it actually makes sense.
4.-AI doesnt just sit there after you hit them like in SCS series game, they actually attempt to get back on the road and keep on moving.
5.-Control of your company and fleet is realistic, you have to maintain and stay up-to-date with your drivers or they will quit (happened to me 3 times :/) also you must maintain your drivers' trucks or else performance and delivery times is decreased.
6.-Game is you choose your own story and own life to the game. Not just based on deliveries as in the SCS hard truck series. Its based on making life decisions, wether or not to help people or stay on track with your cargo.
7.-The CB Radio keeps you up-to-date with your surroundings (job offers, accidents, also a funny talk show lol)
8.-Police charges... Pretty much realistic offenses as to what you will get in real life (not giving the right of way to a vehicle...)
9.-Game options...Single delivery the (Arcade mode) and Story the (Adventure mode)
10.-Accessories Everything is realistic in real life too,...Guide lights on the truck...Navigation systems... the SCS series cannot even come close to this!
11.-Realisim with crashes...When you crash your truck actually wears and becomes absolete or comes to a point when you cant even start your truck! Also if you are crashing an object in the game at speeds such as 80+ you can actually die!( i've died about 10 times :])
12.-Your able to take on the realism of a real trucker
13.- Best truck simulator game invented so far
pretty much that
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