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Originally Posted by Razorflame View Post
why? at those levels you don't even need those ^^

you have to play smart ^^

a few tips for freedom islands

1) START FIRST *(horseman are perfect for this)
2) always bring inqi's/ archimages/horseman in your army (the rest is subsitute with whatever u have) personally i would say shaman or evil beholder(evil beholder got a nice ability putting enemies to sleep and shaman got nice totems

3)if u got no gift or resu last hero is your man

4) slowing an enemy is sometimes better than killing it asap
Well, I am basically using the units you describe - Horsemen, Knights, Inquisitors, Archmages. And I use Slow a lot. But how to use Last Hero for this? I take it you would need only one in the stack? Also, how to defend against enemy heroes (all those ships, orc castle, Lucky James etc etc). They like to fire direct damage spells at me. Without Gift or Resurrect, there's no way that the Inquisitors can cover all that .
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