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Originally Posted by hykao View Post
Cool! This is what we need, if there will be no videos! Your new uniforms are also cool!

Originally Posted by hykao View Post
How could you find out the place of that mission? (Near to the Potsdam)
First, I've decided to remove all references to Ferdinand, because in summer 1943 this tank destroyer was used in the battle of Kursk and can't was a secret for soviet intelligence. In this mission I mean another tank destroyer. Jagdpanther. It was produced from october 1943 on three factories: Braunschweig, Hannover and Potsdam. And I've decided to select one of these towns as mission place

Originally Posted by hykao View Post
PS: Could you write into the signature the address of your site? For example like AHO did.
Maybe, but I need a nice picture. Perhaps mok helps me
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