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I Can't help you too much about the Different Story arcs, But I can definitely help you about the Stats, you can view the Exact stats on Ships & Modules in the Game Files (Game\Carcasses.xml - For Ships) & (Game\Modules.xml - For Modules&Equipment)

Best Program to open these is Probably Notepad++

		<hit_points>1000000</hit_points> <-- HP
		<mass>200</mass> <-- Mass (affects speed)
		<cost>50</cost> <-- Cost (For the Tradestations)
		<max_energy>2</max_energy> <-- Shield Points
		<energy_restore>1</energy_restore> <-- Shield Restoration per Second
		<max_speed>0.1</max_speed> <-- Speed
		<maneurability>0</maneurability><-- Maneurability
		<sensor_resolution>0.38</sensor_resolution> <-- Part of the Radar
		<sensor_length>25</sensor_length> <-- Also Part of the Radar
		<threat/> <-- Threat (IIRC It defines how much XP the Player gets when it destroys this Object)
			<big_guns/> <-- Bigguns Amount
			<small_guns/> <-- Smallguns Amount
			<rockets/> <-- Rockets Amount
			<systems>1</systems> <-- Modules/Systems Amount
			<turrets/> <-- Turrets Amount
			<gk_guns/> <-- GK Guns Amount (AI Only in Vanilla Unmodded Game)
			<gk_turrets/> <-- GK Turrets Amount (AI Only in Vanilla Unmodded Game)
		<level>1</level> <-- Required Pilot Level to Control this Ship
There was some kind of List around here somewhere in an Thread, Dunno where it is tho.

Hope it helps
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