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Originally Posted by sniperton View Post
I made some comparative tests and my impression is that 'rookie' gunners in IL2 are better than 'average' gunners in CLOD. One must also take into consideration that damage boxes in IL2 are probably bigger and coarser and this way 'fatal' hits are more common.

Taking down a Blenheim or a Heinkel takes more hits in CLOD, for sure, but it's compensated by smoother controls and better aiming accuracy. A 40% hit ratio is something I could never achieve in IL2. My aiming is either shaky or I don't have the needed control authority in dogfight. The same applies to throttle and trimming. I always feel I applied too much or too less, while in CLOD I find them just OK. This is not only the different AI, but also the different flight physics that counts, I think, and CLOD with its thicker air feels more natural. I wish if IL2 could be made alike.
Interesting observations, thanks. But - taking physics model aside - can we really claim what is more "realistic"? Smoother controls of one airsim or shaky ones of another?
I have no experience in CLOD. But then I wonder how many players of CLOD and IL-2 have experience of real life dogfight.
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