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Originally Posted by dimlee View Post
But - taking physics model aside - can we really claim what is more "realistic"? Smoother controls of one airsim or shaky ones of another?
I have no experience in CLOD. But then I wonder how many players of CLOD and IL-2 have experience of real life dogfight.
I wrote 'natural', not 'realistic'. This is all about the feel, the illusion of reality. In IL2 I feel the need for a long stick to fly these planes correctly, while CLOD seems to be better optimized for short sticks. Another point at issue is the fine balance between throttle/thrust and air drag. A weak engine with little drag (IL2) give a different feel than a strong engine with strong air drag (CLOD). Strong drag also contributes to a better longitudinal stability and to less wobbling when aiming.

A related issue is torque. When speed is low and the stabilizers don't get enough airflow (typically on the ground, when taxiing or during takeoff), the torque effect is very strong in CLOD (and BoS); but once you get airborne and your speed increases, the stabilizers become more and more effective and minor throttle changes do not result in significant and sudden torque changes as they do in IL2. When you reduce throttle in CLOD (or BoS), the nose drops a bit, but there's no urgent need for applying rudder and aileron to re-adjust your aim, which are responsible for most of the wobbling experienced in IL2.
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