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Originally Posted by dozer View Post
how did you miss the landcruiser 80 series in that equasion?

Was the toughest landcruiser of them all and came with the 1hdt diesel motor which ruled the market for manny years.

The 70 series? dont you mean the 75 series? this was a very solid truck but suffered greatly because of its narrow wheel base and rough leaf suspension which really underperformed.

This would be my list based on reliabillity, performance, toughness and looks.

1. GQ patrol wagon or ute, 4.5 TD42 TD
2. 80 Series landcruiser 4.2 1HDT
3. GU nissan Patrol, 4.5 TD42 or RD28/ 3ltr
4. Toyota hilux 1985 through to 1996 when they went from leaf suspension
to IFS.
5. Landrover defender
6. Jeep JK, Wrangler ect
7. Unimog

And thats about it.
I 100% agree with your 'list' above,
- I have owned the following...
1992 Mercedes G Wagon 320GE
1995 Nissan Safari GQ LWB 4.2TD
1994 Nissan Safari GQ SWB 4.2TD
2002 Toyota Landcruiser VX100 4.2TD
2006 Nissan Patrol 3.0TD
-- Safari - If it is about the mechanics and specifically the engine/drive train this is the way to go. I use the '94 SWB as my daily driver - it has done 1.3million k's and only had its transmission reconditioned once - other than that just regular oil changes. In my opinion this Nissan 4.2TD engine is one of the best 'utility truck engines' ever...just so damn dependable.
-- Landcruiser VX100 was an amazing truck too - in many ways superior to the Safari such as a lot more refined and very easy to live with as a daily driver as well as being very capable of road.
--The Mercedes G Wagen was a 'head turner' and awesome to own, beautiful build and overall quality. Possibly as tough as a Japanese truck but always felt very heavy and sluggish when off road - a dream car would be the 4.2TD Safari engine & trans in the G Wagen body...that would really be something!
-- 2006 Patrol 3.0TD - these receive plenty of negative press in on line forums and I only bought one because they are quite cheap to buy compared to Landcruiser. I think the problem with this truck is that because it's predecessor was so good it was almost destined to fail on that alone, it lives in its shadow. I have owned this for 3 years now, it has done 210,000k's and apart from lacking the grunt of a 4.2TD engine I honestly can't fault it.

That is my 2 cents worth
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