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I determined what I was doing wrong concerning whether you want the diplomat to reside at the court you are sending it to or start immediate negotiations. If you want the diplomat simply to reside at the court for the purposes of improving relations over time without entering negotiations, do not click on the action button for the character in the right hand panel. Simply click on the character and then have the diplomat enter the city you are sending it to. If you see the seplcher instead of the enter city icon when you place the cursor over the destination city, the diplomat will immediately enter negotiations. By clicking on the diplomat and simply having it enter the city, it will reside.

I still think loosing a diplomat when a negotiation fails is way too expensive given the randomness of success and the fact that a monarch can only produce a single diplomat every 12 months. A more appropriate behavior would be the ability to end the negotiation with the diplomat being able to reside at the location, improving relations, and the ability to reenter negotiations in the following season.

I also still think the idea that when someone else sends a diplomat to you, the entirety of the senders position should display and you should be able to accept of reject. The current behavior of the diplomat showing up and you are unable to accept the offer is nothing short of absurd. This really has to be fixed.

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