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Post 1C to Release Its First iOs Games

1C Company is excited to announce it is in development on 3 new Apps for release on the iPhone® and the iPad® starring Luntik. The Apps, Luntik Colors the World, Luntik: Puzzles and Games and Luntik Counts to Ten will start becoming available next month.

Luntik is a Russian animated series for children of preschool age. It is the story of a small fluffy creature, Luntik, who was born on the Moon and fell from it, on to the Earth. Luntik is new to the Earth and in each episode learns something about this new world. The premiere took place on September, 1st, 2006 in Russia and it has quickly become their number top rated children’s show even airing during primetime.

These new educational games for the Apple® iOS platforms have fun and learning built-in with the help of professional child development experts. When they are released later this month they will help children with their colors, counting and with basic problem solving along with with social and emotional growth. Each individual App will feature Luntik and friends, as drawn on the television, in different situations as they laugh and learn.

More information on the game is available at the brand new website along with images of the characters and their descriptions. The website can be found at

Feel free to check out the brand new Facebook page as well at