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Default Ultimate Challenge file modified v5

I played until late game with Ultimate challenge file modified v4, game was hard but not hard enough. Based on my experiences, I made following changes from v4:


Less leadership from levelup
Much less k_lead (=leadership from banners)
Less starting rage
Less starting intelligence
Asmadeo gets bit more health and bit less attack/defence per levelup
Asmadeo skills got slight modification
Starting gold increased by 10000, use it wisely
Experience divisor upped to 18 (was 14.2)
Money reduced to 0.5 (was 0.7)
Pet dragon experience divisor lowered to 6.2 (was 6.4)
Manarage upped back to normal levels (0.4) as previous value made rage drop even too quickly (was 0.1)

Amelie changes:

Amelie item slots are now much more versatile to allow quite radical item loadouts and also to balance less leadership. Slot icons are what they are but you can see what fits into slots. Not to mention offer something new so that I have more motivation trying this again

Companion changes:

Elenhel now gives +8 intellect

Spell changes:

- Many spells mana cost increased

Rules same as before

- Impossible difficulty of course as settings are modified only for it.
- Play as Mage
- No losses challenge, meaning no single unit lost on any fight, including Mages tower fights. Note that Asmadeo cannot "die".
- Completing training session in Debir start is very hard without luck, feel free to use cheats there. Perhaps easiest way is to modify config/spells.txt and modify spell_fire_arrow damage to 1200. Remember to mod it back to 70 after completing training.
- No use of wanderer spells, you may still sell them

To clarify what I said earlier about "use all means available". It does not include luring enemies away from hard_to_get navigation charts (those guards that require you to go Very close), this mod should be playable without using that trick. However you quite probably need to gather navigation charts from "easy" locations. To make this more clear, there are no heavily guarded charts on Debir but at least two charts (depending on randomness) on Scarlett wind (near castle) are those hard_to_get type.

That "all means available" also does not include excess stuff kiting from "hard_to_avoid_enemies" caves. Again to make it clear, White crystal cave and Magic circle cave are "easy" while Old mist cave is "hard".

As always, rules I said above are rules I'm playing this mod with. If you want to create your own rules, go ahead. It's not my problem how others want to play my mod as I primarily made it for myself.


- Install Red Sands extended (can be loaded from )
- Make backup of ...red_sands\ directory
- Zip file now contains four directories. Extract all directories to ...red_sands\ directory (so that files on directories overwrite old files) and overwrite
- Start new game
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