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Default Reporting from South Africa

This is a fantastic game!

There are some minor errors in the game, nothing to restrict you to enjoy though. But here some of the (almost) annoying ones:
  • Extra mirrors in the Century & FDL's: The right mirror gives the same pic as on the left.
  • Over the bridge between Mojave and Barstow (when traffic setting is on), cars came from the bottom road unto the top (yours) road and interfere with your driving
  • In the menu when buying trucks, although according to the Game help you get discount - you still pay the full amount.
  • Sometimes when loading or off-loading in the warehouse, the trucks have a bit of a struggle to move
  • My opponents drive through cars (and other traffic) and also through roadsigns. Sometimes they will take a shortcut back through the warehouse grounds and walls
  • The rearview camera for the Century: the picture is reversed. The rightside of the road is on the left side.

Some other questions:
  • When upgrading the truck, why is the wear % still high?
  • Why does the rank of my driver never change?
  • Why do I race against my own drivers in shipments and normal races?
  • You never get speed of a 100%

I have a laugh when I tried to connect the trailer for mr Fernandez in Colfax to Reno. Just B4 the pick-up point is a Fuel pump. When re-fueling, the trailer will "run" away and u cannot connect it!. Lucky I save just B4 the pickup. Connect and then re-fuel.

The CTRL button can be stopped in this sense:
The map:
TAB - activate map
2nd TAB - Zoom in
3rd TAB - Zoom in again
4th TAB - Zoom in again
5th TAB - map off

The same with the lights:
L- activate
L-high beam

The mirrors and radio selections and R:
Use a "sticky-key" like the capslock. When off-without the CTRL key; when on with the CTRL-key.

The upgrade bar can have a % of how much the truck was upgraded.

But overall? This game is GOOOOOD!!!

SA Trucker

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