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v2.0.2.0 (08/12/2014)
+ group victories accounted during dynamic campaigns
+ a completely new algorithm of distributing aircraft groups on start points when a mission starts
+ each side can use up to 8 aircraft groups (specified in ops file)
+ in carrier missions all carriers used to launch airplanes
+ a new way of placing the player on airfields (the settings file used)
+ a new way to create transfer missions (the settings file used)
+ a new group of mission types to model RAF Circus operations
+ new ground attack mission types - a free hunt and RAF Rhubarb operations
+ a static airplanes insignia error corrected
+ an algorithm of counting downed captured planes corrected
+ updated AllClasses_m.dat, AllPlaneDB_m.dat and AllWeapons_m.dat files
+ added data for ag_Dakar and g_Madagascar maps (by ?hameleon)
+ other errors corrected

The translation of the instruction of version 2.2 will appear at the end of December.
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